I’m Jenny and I’m a mum attempting to furnish her home, fill the garden, entertain her kids and sharing her crap creations in the process.

What I am aiming for is thrifty, simple and eco friendly ideas. I love to make and create but I am crap at it. The amount of times I see a Pintrest and get excited only for me to spend money on supplies and it to end up looking like something sent home from nursery. So my aim is to provide ideas anybody can do with stuff they have at home or can find outside. The best thing is they can be free or cost as much as you want them to and you can tailor them to suit you and your style.

We have recently moved to a bigger house and the contents of our tiny house have evaporated into the abyss. All pictures and furniture seem to have disappeared into the void leaving empty spaces and bare walls. Being stuck in lock down and tier three for approximately 300 years we haven’t really been able to go shopping for things as easily. It’s so much easier to spend money when you can’t see the total adding up online. That final shopping basket total is enough for me to close the tab and wait. I’m conscious of what I spend and like to be thrifty as possible. My aim is always to get the best items for my money.

With the national treasure that is David Attenborough (or as J says Dave in Africa) who is a firm favourite in our house I am also aware of how much waste we create. So what I would like to do is refuse, reuse and recycle as much as I can. We are in no way a perfect eco family but we try our best and constantly attempt to improve to reduce our negative impact on the world. So if this blog helps you reuse something you already have then I shall be very happy and I will feel like a glorious eco warrior/goddess.