A black front door with a homemade autumnal wreath using leaves and a coat hanger.

Autumnal Wreath

I really wanted an autumnal wreath for our front door. I love the look and thought out doorstep could do with something extra but I refuse to spend £40 on something I will probably forget about and not really look at. Then I saw this online and thought it was genius so it is not my original idea but it definitely needs sharing. There are also so many adaptions you can do to make it work for any season. There is nothing better than homemade, eco friendly and it was completely free.

A black front door with a homemade autumnal wreath using leaves and a coat hanger.
From a distance I think it looks great.

In my mind the boys would love this and as always the lost interest and to be fair so did I. The boys had more fun sweeping the leaves and were not interested in making a wreath. They are just like my husband and his inability to understand soft furnishing. We live near some large trees so there was plenty of leaves for us to use although not a huge variety. My friend has loved the idea and has been collecting different leaves on her daily walks and creating multiple wreaths. This is high level excitement in lock down. Hold on things are about to get wild … no not really but she really created these beautiful wreaths.

A collage of three leaf wreaths. On is made with green leaves, another brown and the last is made of multiple colours, yellow, red green and brown. They look very nice.
So many looks and each one beautiful. Thanks Sue for creating these.

All you need is a wire coat hanger and leaves. Take the wire coat hanger and shape it into a circle. I untwisted the hook and used the straight end to pierce the centre of the leaves and just keep going until it is full. You could add ribbon or pine cones or you could paint and decorate the leaves. My enthusiasm was low and I didn’t even wash them as they were staying outside and I was happy with the result so I just left it. I like simple and rustic so it worked for us.

A wreath made of dried brown leaves using a coat hanger. It is hung on a black front door.
Up close it is nothing spectacular and I could of done so much more to make it more appealing but once it was up I didn’t care. I loved the look.

One friend and her husband who is a park ranger went out and collected vines and leaves and twisted them together to make beautiful all natural wreath. He has all the knowledge on plants and where to find them in the local parks and its amazing what they get up too. My knowledge on plants is shocking but now I am in my thirties I feel myself being drawn in to the Countryfile type programmes and enjoying things like local history. I feel like this happens out of nowhere one minute you are care free and next you get excited collecting leaves.

A beautiful fresh green wreath. Made of vines and ivy hung on a black front door with the number 45 .
How gorgeous is this! An all natural wreath.

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