This was one of my first official Jenny’s crap crafts. Previous crafts were not intentionally crap but they always ended up that way but this was now intentional. I remember whipping it up and Mike mocking me. We laughed about how I am always doing things like this. We joked about me starting a blog or a Youtube channel and I shuddered and brushed it off. It’s so easy to think of a million reasons why not, why would people care, urgh the sound of my voice (shudders) and how would I even have enough ideas. This was in 2018 and the more jokes we have made about my crap crafts every time I make something has just become funnier and highlighted how much I make.

This was for J as he was going through a very enthusiastic phase for the book by Julia Donaldson ‘Room On The Broom’. It’s still a firm favourite and I think I could recite it off by heart as well as the other favourite ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs Go Wild’. We had be walking around Tesco and he had found a witches hat for probably a pound and he was so excited I bought it. Obviously after considering if I could make one but instantly knowing for that price it just wasn’t worth the effort. The broomstick on the other hand was a lot more and just not worth it so I promised I would make one. An idea was instant so it was a no brainer.

After winning the hearts of every shopper and employee at Tesco modelling his hat and melting my heart we headed home. We had a toy that you pushed around with a long handle, no idea what they are called but the handle unscrewed. This had been hidden as with kids often do it was swung around and it was wooden with a wooden ball at the end so basically a bludgeon. This would be used for the shaft (giggles) and to make the bristles I used a cereal box.

It is so simple, took less than 5 minutes and he absolutely loved it. I warn you if they are rough the cardboard bristles they do tend to fall off but we just popped them in the recycling bin. When it became too tatty we removed the cardboard and replaced it. There are so many alternative materials you could use. Always be careful with the material you choose as there is always a risk. I have suggested a carrier bag but obviously for this be careful for suffocation and choking reasons. You know your children so work with what will you think will be best.



  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Carrier bag
  • Material (such as an old t-shirt or a spare fat quarter)


  • Adhesive tape single or double side
  • Glue – Super or glue gun
  • Anything you have

So to make the broom you cut your material into a long rectangle. The widest part is going to wrapped around you broom stick so the length will depend on how bushy you want it to look. The shortest part is the length of your bristles and an inch or two extra at the top to attach it to the broom. Once you have cut this out make cuts in the material. These are your bristles so how many and thickness all depend on your look. I cut in straight lines but you could zig zag for a different effect. Take one end at the top of the bristles and place on your broom so the bristles over hang. Attach to the broom when you feel it will sit right and wrap it around the broom and attach the end now. You can add as much glue and tape as you want to make it secure.

Show me your spell binding broomsticks on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk


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