A car window with a aper sign in the window saying 'Can you find 10 easter eggs?' there is a turquoise peice of caedboard shaped like a large egg with a white stripe.

Easy Egg Hunt

Remember in the beginning of the first lock down when we could only leave for thirty minutes to exercise. This was was when there were all the rainbows and flour shortages from everyone baking (don’t even mention toilet paper). I am still trying to digest all the bread I made. Well we wanted to bring as much joy as possible to anyone who walked past and try to connect to the outside world. Using liquid chalk pens we had left over from our wedding we decorated the windows with messages and pictures. We had a colourful hello and than a Union Jack flag for VE day, that was a minefield of straight lines and trying to correctly paint it on but backwards.

My favourite thing I created was an Easter egg hunt on the front of our house. People would walk by and stop to try and find the eggs, friends would walk past especially and my favourite time involved the binmen. I could hear them laughing and trying to find the eggs “I cant find the last one.. it’s there!!” . Grown men laughing and getting excited over finding 10 cardboard eggs. We definitely built a bond with them over those months. Our Wednesday collection brought excitement to the boys. There really wasn’t much else going on.

Materials Needed

  • Card
  • Scissors

This craft is so simple and can help you reduce plastic usage. Someone kindly bought us some plastic eggs one year and I hate them. They were so cheap and brittle that they broke so easily and ended up in the bin so quickly. So save yourself some money instead of buying the plastic eggs and create you own .

All you need is some paper or card and cut it into an egg shape. Done its complete. Now you can turn it into an extended activity by getting your kids to decorate them. This can makes eve more exciting and becomes more personable to them. They can be hidden inside or outside depending on weather and your traditions. I have never really made a fuss over Easter but this year I might make it more exciting and write clues to find the next egg like an official treasure hunt with some sneaky education in there.

If you make any please share your pictures. I would love to see your Easter eggcitement … sorry.

Show me what you get up to over easter and tag me on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk



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