A DIY hanging decor. A bamboo cane wrapped in leaf wire. HAnging from it with twine are pine cones, pine branches, holly twigs and dried orange slices
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Updated Hanging Branch

So I made this hanging branch for Christmas and I’m in love. It was so simple to create and fills the hallway nicely, the ability to adapt and change the design easily makes it even better. Undecided what to use as It is only just the beginning of spring so flowers are limited. I plan to use flowers as a future feature so I decided on something else. There were old oranges left over from Christmas so I experimented with drying them out without an oven. Luckily it was a success and so easy. Read Easy DIY Orange Slices to find out how I did it.

Using twine and some simple knots I attached the oranges. I experimented different ways to tie them as you can see in the pictures. Depending on the look you want you can adapt and mend. The oranges are not as dried as oven so are slightly softer and easier to tear so be careful not to make you hole too big. The chop stick I used was a little too wide for the twine I had chosen. In hind sight I should of maybe changed to a toothpick or kebab stick. But I was on a roll and just going for it.

Depending where and how you tie the twine changes how the dried orange slice hung. Using the rind is going to reduce the risk of tearing and damage to the orange segments. I used different methods to see what look they created. Tying the orange slice with one hole created a more haphazard hang. I like the look and think this is good if you want a thicker or fuller looking feel. For a neater, straighter hang anchor at two points. I threaded the twine around the back using one long piece of twine but you could avoid this by just small pieces of twine in between pieces.

A hanging feature in a hallway. A garden cane wrapped in leaf wire. Hanging with twine are pine cones, pine branches, dried orange slices and holly branches and leaves.
The finished look. Our hallway looks so much more colourful and smells so fresh.

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