A dark green wall and a white fireplace surround. Placed on the mantlepiece is a wire art shape. It is a jaggard star shape with the wor road in the middle it is made from bronze bonsai wire

Wire Wall Art

So I love making items for them home. There is something about creating and imagining how pieces will look and work. I always find it difficult to find what I want as I have slightly different taste to current trends. Originally I bought some wire to create a really large hoop. Don’t do this. Forming a perfect circle without bumps and uneven areas is difficult. I have another idea for how I can create that but first I need to use the wire. So instead I decided to make some wire wall art to hang above the fireplace.

Don’t forget although I love creating I am extremely crap and unskilled. This isn’t perfect or is it going to win any awards but all of us love it. The design is based on a photo of me and Mike in London posing with graffiti years ago. With added dinosaur love as both boys and myself love dinosaurs.

I used 4mm bronze bonsai wire. It was manipulated fairly easily but was bulky if you want sharp bends. The wire once bent holds its shape and imperfections. So definitely draw or print your words and designs and try to not make mistakes. Easier said than done. Pliers were handy for sharp bends for this size of wire not completely necessary. It was so quick to do. I just need to flatten it a little so it sits better and hang it up.

As always I didn’t really think everything out and I just winged it. I would try this again but with thinner wire and on a much smaller scale. Let me know if you create anything. Tag me on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk



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