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So we now have a utility. It’s nothing fancy but I love it. Bare brick walls, a Belfast sink and full of rustic Victorian charm. I think it was originally an out house but previous owners have incorporated into the house when an extension was added. It’s also nice not to have our washing basket in the kitchen and now it can be left neglected properly, out of sight out of mind. The people before us were an older couple so no children lived in the house which means they didn’t have as much crap as we do. So useful storage was lacking.

I tried to reuse items we already had but the dimensions were all wrong to fit in the space we have planned. We did debate getting someone in to replumb the washing machine and change the current layout but then this quick storage solution was becoming a bigger and pricier task. Sod that. I want quick, cheap and simple. I managed to use some Ikea Kallax so I could remove the bookcase and shelves and as a temporary solution.

We searched for both second hand and new furniture to find something that would fit, make use of the space and provide the storage we wanted. There was nothing, we debated and searched Pintrest and I found nothing! I knew though if I let my brain fester for a bit and have a think it would have an epiphany. Guess what it did. One day everything my mind had processed over those weeks managed to coordinate and came up with this hybrid.

We cut the bookcase to create shelves and fitted it to the wall with brackets. There is loads of pipes and a wall that juts out behind the boiler making it an awkward fit. I shove my mops down the side so they keep out the way.

So this is made with Metod kitchen unit and a Gersby bookcase both from Ikea. We converted a van a few years ago and had a spare piece of kitchen work top so we used that. Luckily my husbands a hoarder … actually scrap that. Luckily for once his annoying hoarder habit has come in useful. Shame is he is unable to follow instructions as he cut the bookcase to ‘size’ then asked me what I thought. He hadn’t remembered our original instructions or design. So after one heated argument and one pissed off me we managed to work with what he hadn’t managed to destroy. I swear i am not still angry, constantly annoyed but I’m not angry. He also took it upon himself to start loading the shelves and started a whole other heated debate. To clarify this is the man who still hasn’t unpacked his bin bags of clothes from when we moved in 6 months ago. Guess who unpacked the rest of the house by themselves and has organised everything. See like I said constantly annoyed but not angry. Side note – Ladies message me if you want to help me create and join my all women commune. It will be tidy with bottomless cake and alcohol. Think about it. Speak to you soon.

This is the reality or every day life. Just decided I am going to get some doors to hide all our junk.

Show me you hacks and creations @jenjensdesignsuk



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