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Random Acts of Kindness

I want to make an impact on the world. This is always something I have dreamed about doing but have never felt capable. It always seems seriously overwhelming. Then I realised you don’t have to be the next Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough to make a positive change. There is no way I am knowledgeable or organised enough to create a movement or start a revolution. But do I have to? It is the small things that can make a big difference. Simple things like being kinder, raising my children to be thoughtful of others and trying to smash the patriarchy. These all matter.

One of my favourite acts of kindness wasn’t even my own. We were on a long flight and the passenger next to us had her card declined when trying to buy lunch from the cabin crew. There was a discussion and she had no other means to pay. Without thinking Mike offered and paid for the lunch. It was £6, nothing that would break our bank account but to her it made the difference of her not being hungry on a long flight. We wanted nothing in return but we ended up making a plane friend. This is one of the many reasons why I love Mike. One thing I do not love is his snoring, every time I do not shove him in the night is an act of kindness.

So I am setting myself a goal to do 30 random acts of kindness in April. My original idea was to complete one a day but my ability to remember is terrible and I will forget, failing on day one. Trust me I really will forget that quickly. Once I became a vegetarian and had a sausage sandwich thirty minutes later. So I don’t want to do that and then give up and feel like I have ruined my idea. I plan on doing everything on the list once and if I manage to do anything twice then that is even better. Fingers crossed I improve someones day even if its only for a second.

30 Acts for 30 Days


Give a gift
Send a book in the post
Give away something for free
Send something random in the post
Give flowers


Write a positive review for a book
Write a positive review of a small business
Write a letter
Write a list of why I think someone is great
Write a positive message


Litter pick
Build a bug hotel
Feed the birds
Plant flowers for insects
Create a space for wildlife


Donate money
Donate food
Donate an item of clothing
Donate a book
Donate a toy


Give a stranger a compliment
Let someone jump ahead of me in a shop or walking.
Say thank you to someone
Show someone kindness
Help somebody


Do something nice for a stranger
Do something nice for a friend
Make something for some one
Make someone laugh
Do something to make someone feel special

Let me know your random acts of kindness and you can tag me on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk



March 31, 2021 at 10:58 am

I could totally imagine you doing the accidental sausage sandwich thing

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