A oven proof dish with pasta covered in tomato sauce and melted cheese. This meal is half eaten and the is a metal fish slice sat in the oven dish.

Margherita Pizza Pasta !

This is my favourite quick tea recipe and is always a hit in out house. I swear because it has the word pizza in it the kids think it is a treat. The thing that also sells it is the secret ingredient …. chocolate! So the kids go wild for it.

I love there is no chopping and very little mess from cooking. The recipe is so adaptable so you can do what you like, add more or less, add spice or meat if you want.


  • Pasta – 500g
  • Passata – 500g (1 tub)
  • Beef Stock – 1 cube disolved in a small amout of water approx 50mls
  • Garlic/Onion Granules – 1 tsp of both or either
  • Chocolate – Couple of squares
  • Cheese – Which ever you want and how much you want.


  1. Cook pasta following instructions until cooked but still slightly firm.
  2. Using a microwave dish or a saucepan – Add passata, granules, dissolved beef stock and chocolate. Stir it together and heat it up. It doesn’t need long approx 5 minutes. This just saves time as it won’t need to heat up in the oven.
  3. Once pasta is cook and sauce heated. Mix the two together and transfer to a oven proof dish.
  4. Now add your cheese. Layer you cheese on top. I like to add cheese into the sauce as well as layering on top.
  5. Place in the oven at 200C and cooked for 10 minutes or until the cheese is melted and as crispy as you want it.
Half eaten pasta as forgot to take a picture before we demolished it.


Chedder melts and disappears

Emmental is really good at melting and making it really cheesy. It is a subtle flavour and holds together really well.

Paremsan is good to add for extra flavour.

Mozzarella is great for making it more pizza like and is really stringy.

Dark chocolate is great for flavour but you can use sugar instead. It is used to counteract the tartness of the tomato.

This is emmental cheese melted. It is great if you want a cheese that doesn’t disappear.



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