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Pre-Loved Clothes

Oh how I miss charity shops so much! Some people look down their noses at pre-loved clothes and some charity shops are definitely nicer than others. Depending on where you live makes a huge difference so if you find a good one then you are in for a treat. We used to have a really nice one at the end of our road and their window display were amazing. Their whole aesthetic was just a whole vibe and in my small village that was something to achieve. I was so sad to see it go but luckily we got another one in it’s place.

The bargains I have found have saved me a fortune, helped a charity and stopped something going to a landfill. What can be better than that. I mostly look for clothes, toys and house ware. If you are open minded and willing to think outside of the box you can find so much. My current coat is a charity shop find and cost me less than £3.50. I have so many positive comments about it. I like to think I look like a cool New York hipster but occasionally I get my look wrong and resemble the pigeon lady out of home alone.

With charity shops being shut and putting on weight in lock down (no shame here I enjoyed every bite) I needed to top up my wardrobe before my pants cut the circulation off to my legs. So my go to place was Ebay and how I have loved watching those parcels arrive. Buying pre-loved clothes is growing in popularity and there are many more sites to choose from than just Ebay. You may of seen these advertised but have you tried Vinted, Sphock or Depop? Buying on line is hard when you can’t return but my top tip for buying off a pre-loved site is to buy what you know. If you normally shop at New Look, Zara or even Tu search for those brands. You will know their sizing so are more like to get something you know will fit you and look good. It can be a risky business guessing with sizing and brands can vary so much.

On Ebay I found a bargain (£5 normally £26) pair of my favourite jeans from New Look ‘s Tori range these are ‘mom’ jeans and they are so comfy. Skinny jeans have not been my friend since having kids, I have a total mum tum. It’s taken me a while to come to terms with my body and thanks to great accounts like i_weigh, Jameela Jamil and bodyposipanda I now appreciate my body. There is nothing worse than buying things that don’t fit and with pre-loved returns are not likely. So I buy what I know and what size I need to not waste my money or have that ridiculous feeling clothes can give you when they don’t fit. Why does a piece of material have so much power over our self esteem. That’s another rant for another day.

If you are still unsure about pre-loved clothes watch Stacey Dooley Investigates on BBC. It blew my mind the impact of fast fashion. Give it a watch she is so likeable and it’s educational without being heavy. It made me want to reduce the amount of clothes I buy and highlighted that fast fashion is the biggest polluter. The fact that the industry is built on forced labour and sweat shops gives me so much guilt. As I say I am not perfect and I still use high street shops and online retailers but I use them much less. I draw the line at pre-loved underwear and if I can’t find something I want I will look online but always in the sale first and filtered price low-high . I can’t helped it I love a bargain.

If you have bought any pre-loved items let me see or if you have any tips let us know Tag me on Instagram @jenjensdesignsuk

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