a mustard yellow couch that is gorgeous infornt oa brick wall on vicyorian orange and black tiles and a balck and white rug.
Refuse, Reuse, Recycle

Second Hand Furniture

Bloody hell how much does furniture cost. Thank god for second hand furniture. We had lived in the same house for 10 years and we started slowly with furniture we already had so I never felt that big financial cost. Or maybe it was because I was a student so I had no money so never even considered spending the dust that was in my purse.

With the move we have tried to use as much stuff we already have but what was functional and suitable before isn’t always working in the new house. Some things I knew before moving just wouldn’t fit or work here but during a lock down I was stuck with what to do. Normally I would have donated large furniture to the British Heart Foundation and thought nothing of it but everywhere was shut. This is when I found Facebook Marketplace and oh I how I got hooked.

We listed some bar stools and thought it would take forever to shift. How wrong I was. Within 15 minutes someone had paid and collected them. Well suddenly everything I could think of was listed and in a blink of an eye it was gone. All these items I had kept hold of because it felt wasteful to just donate and buy new stuff when they were functional suddenly were listed and flying out of house. It became a little bit addictive and I was constantly in shock someone would buy my unloved items.

Facebook Marketplace my new best friend also provided me with amazing products for our house and for a fraction of what it would of cost me new. My two favourite pieces are my TV stand and a gorgeous yellow mustard couch. It is hit and miss what you can find but there is everything you could want on there. The yellow couch is only for our play room but was an absolute steal at £80 and basically brand new. The TV stand had doors on originally but felt it was too dark and more gothic than industrial. But I removed them fairly easily and felt it was millions times better. It cost only £20 pounds and is solid wood. Super simple upcycling.

Bought for £80 and modelled by the gorgeous Captain Buzz B. It was nearly new the woman decided she wanted the same one but slightly higher.

Not to forget my beloved Ebay where I found a massive bookcase for a bargain of £40. This is a work in progress as i Would like to sand it down a little and reapply a different wood effect but I just wanted my books out the boxes. So once again I will add it too the list of things to do but first I’m off to browse the market place and see what else I can shift. As always let me see what you find and I definitely want some before and afters. Toodles.

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