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Smashing Eggs

We eat so many eggs. I do not even want to count. Our favourite thing to do at the moment is keep the shells and smash them. I am spreading them in the garden as they are supposed to be full of calcium and really good at helping certain vegetables grow. That is something I read in the one minute google search I did before. So if this is wrong I apologise as I know nothing but I am trying to learn.

With the house we have this enormous veggie patch and I am so excited to grow things. I attempted at the previous house but I built the worst built up patch which I bought as a kit and just did zero research. I had even less knowledge than I do now. It was a failure. At one point I thought I’d grown something and showed my dad and in his standard humour he said “I hope you aren’t too hungry as they are weeds”. Oops. I’m spreading the eggs as we don’t have a compost bin. We had one previously and we filled it but never really used the actual compost as didn’t do any gardening at all. There is no space for one here so I am trying to reuse what I can without it stinking and attracting flies.

Is he going to hit me or the eggs ….

The boys love smashing the eggs as much as they do eating them and i think it helps with any little range built up. Five Minute Mum has a good educational game to play were you write a letter or number on the eggs then ask them to smash a particular one. I’ve tried this a few times and I love the idea but B Just goes wild before I take my first breath and J hits them so hard they fly everywhere. So I put my own little spin on it to reduce the tidy up and to save as much of my shells as possible.

I get a good quality sandwich bag and write the letters on with a permanent marker. Fill it up with egg shells and presto a contained egg smash. I don’t know about you but I wash and reuse my sandwich bags so I tend to use my tattier ones and not a new one. We try to avoid using sandwich bags in general but I do think they come in handy for certain things. Like I say we try our best to be eco but we are far from perfect.

Let me see you smash and if you have any good gardening tips please share and tag me on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk



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