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Refuse, Reuse, Recycle

Updating Your Wardrobe

The season has changed and now we are in limbo with our wardrobe. Last week I wore a summer dress and today a bobble hat and scarf. It’s so tempting to hop online and browse some new items from your favourite store but do you really need it? My draws and wardrobes are full and I have no idea what is really in there, occasionally finding items I forgot existed. So before we hop to the shops have a look what you have hanging around and ask do you really need it. Being eco friendly and sustainable doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated.

Top 10 tips to save money, look great and be sustainable.

  1. Look – Go through all you clothes. You will probably find that you already have everything and have forgotten things even existed.
  2. Give – Sell, swap with friends or donate.
  3. Upcycle – If something looks faded use dye to make it look new. Give a black t-shirt a makeover or tie dye on a t-shirt with a stain on. Tip – keep clothes close to an original colour as often the thread doesn’t change colour
  4. Redesign – add a iron or sew on patch to a plain t-shirt. If you can sew add a pocket in a different material.
  5. Create – If you are feeling crafty why not cross stitch or embroider a pattern or slogan on to a t-shirt.
  6. Revamp – Can you use an item differently? A shirt dress into a open jacket. Or a fabric belt as a hair accessory.
  7. Clothes Swap – Have a swapping event with friends. Guarantee you will have items your friends will love.
  8. Mend – Fix that button or hole. Add patches or turn it into something else.
  9. Ask – How often do you think you will wear it? Do you have something similar already?
  10. Pre- loved – Look at buying the item second hand. Most clothes come with labels and not worn. We all do it buy stuff and never wear it. See my post on pre-loved clothes for tips.
  11. Choose – Make better choices. What material is that product look at more sustainable fabrics like bamboo or hemp.
  12. Reuse – Use a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel. It reduces frizz and helps the hair retain moisture.

I am a perfect? No and I am far from a full zero waste sustainable lifestyle but I am trying. It is easy to forget my own advice and buy items that are so accessible. Buying clothes isn’t a bad thing and not all of us can afford the sustainable options. My wallet and brain find it hard to justify the price even though I know the reasoning. So I am trying not to buy instead. Fast fashion is a huge polluter and creates masses of untreated toxic water that gets dumped into rivers which is harmful to humans and wildlife. We have stopped using plastic straws and have reusable water bottles so lets try make another change. Those small changes really make a difference.

Let me know what you make or if you use any of these tips. Tag me on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk



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