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Refuse, Reuse, Recycle


Warning it’s addictive.

Trying to be eco friendly in most aspects of my life I find difficult and sometimes overwhelming. The one thing I have managed to swap easily is buying my clothes second hand. Previously I have mentioned using charity shops but they can be pot luck and difficult to buy a lot of items at once. For some reason one day I thought I’d try Vinted and oh my I was hooked.

Recently I have had a career change. Previously all I have worn are uniforms so for the first time I needed ‘work’ clothes. My wardrobe doors are already bursting so somehow I managed to find a rainy Saturday to go through everything I already own. Being completely brutal with it, there were no maybes or if I lose weight etc. If it doesn’t fit or hasn’t been worn recently then its in the ‘to go’ pile. With lockdown and motherhood I realised I don’t use a lot of items or my body shape/style has changed and the amount I removed was impressive.

I downloaded Vinted and it was so easy to use. Pictures where taken and I added things so quickly and sold even faster. Previously I have tried Ebay and although I love i I find it stressful with waiting for a listing to end and last minute bidding, selling fees etc. There is none of that and as a seller you have no selling fees as the fees go the buyer. A lot of sellers use hermes so postage is really cheap as well sometimes as little as £1.69. You can also request to bundle items if you like multiple items from a seller.

Selling Tips

Do not use bundles savings – I accepted this and someone bought 5 items and got 50% off. So mu sale went from £10 to £5.

If someone reserves items and you change your mind you can cancel it. I had someone reserve 15 items to buy and then decide to haggle a reidculous price. The reserve can last for 60 days so I originally thought I was stuck in that situation but I could remove it one item at a time.

You have 5 days to post your items or the sale gets cancelled so make sure you are able to post and if not you can mark your ‘shop’ as on holiday. This removes your items from view so you wont be able to sell anything.

Postage – you can choose your own postage I haven’t used the vinted generated prices to decide the fee yet but I use parcel2go to help me determine my price. You don’t want to be losing your money paying for postage. Which I did on on two items which was my own fault

Packaging – don’t waste money buying special packaging. Double wrap in decent clean carrier bags and parcel tape them so they are secure. If you need to strink an item for postage put the item in a sealed sandwich bag and use a vacuum to remove the air. Homemade vacuum packaging.

Occasionally people will haggle over silly amounts but it doesn’t happen often. Choose the price you want to sell it for but be realistic.

You can sell lots of things on there books, toys, homeware as well. Seriously addictive.

Buying Tips

Its so easy to buy I don’t have that many tips really. Just be warned its so easy and I am now very friendly with my local hermes pick up point.

There are additional fees for buying and it’s a small percentage of your purchase and the percentage changes depending on how much you spend.

You can choose your method of delivery and the price on lots of sellers ‘shops’. The cheapest option is normally to your local hermes pick up point. This appears when you click ‘buy’ item at this point you have not bought it until you choose postage.

Browse through peoples shops as you may like more of the things they have and will probably be a similar size and have styles you like. You can also request bundles and if you see a discount bundle then you can get money off multiple purchases. Two items can be 25% and 5 is 50% off so you can get big savings.

Let me know if you give it a go. I’d love to know what you think.



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