Easy Meat Free Carbonara

This is such an easy pasta dish. We don’t even use spaghetti in true jenny style I just use whatever pasta is in the cupboard. This might offend some super cooks but I am all about making life as easy as possible and breaking all the rules. I don’t even add ham … I know, but occasionally I will add chicken.

We lived without a cooker for three months when we moved so I became a pro at making easy and simple recipes as I had limited resources. One thing I bought was an Instant Pot and this thing is so handy to have. I always forget to lift meat out to defrost, well with this super fancy pressure cooker it isn’t a problem. So I tend to add chicken that I have cooked in the Instant Pot but you can throw any meat you want in. I don’t ever have a meal plan and just wing dinner every night, I like to live in disorganised chaos.

Serves 4


  • Any pasta you want 500g
  • 3 Eggs
  • Parmesan approx 100g
  • Whatever meat you want however you want it cooked
Didn’t have a picture of the pasta but he is delicious.


  1. Cook pasta following instructions and drain when cooked save a little of the water.
  2. Beat eggs lightly and add parmesan
  3. Add egg and cheese mix into the cooked pasta and stir
  4. Stir the mixture through all the pasta so the egg cheese mix doesn’t turn into scramble egg
  5. Add cooked meat if you want it
  6. Put it in your mouth

Bon appetite show me what you make and tag me on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk



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