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Litter Picking

Littering is one thing I don’t understand and if you do it then shame. Take it home or find a bin. Also if you hang your dog poo bags in trees then get out. Seriously stop it. We have started litter picking on our family walks and the boys love it. It keeps them so occupied and it reduces the moaning dramatically. Walking with kids is a nightmare at times and after months of repeatedly doing them it is hard to make them exciting. Unluckily for the planet litter is everywhere but we are doing our bit and using our walks to help clean up our village. We are using litter pickers and it’s so much fun. There is so much litter for the boys to find it keeps them distracted and using the pickers is a great activity.

My imperfect but amazing family
Me and B

This all started as a complete accident but now we keep doing it. We have really high ceilings and windows and some how J’s underpants ended up on the curtain rail. Don’t ask me how it happened I have no idea, sometimes with kids these things happen with no explanation. Well instead of going to the garage and getting the ladders I thought this is bound to happen again. So I invested in a litter pickers but ended up ordering a multi-pack of amazon. Well now we have dedicated indoor and outdoor pickers to cover all bases. We also gave one to a family member as a birthday present and it was an absolute hit that we had to buy more. Although now we get whats app messages about it all the time and how many bags they have filled. Another family member has also started litter picking where they live when out on their daily walks. This has made me so proud that our random purchase has lead to people doing it too and we are all helping reduce the mess.

The boys are only young but we try to teach them about the importance of looking after the planet and why we need to live a more eco friendly and sustainable lifestyle. J is really keen and absolutely loves David Attenborough or as he used to say Dave in Africa. Which to fair he seems to be there a lot. J even asks to take the litter pickers to the park and there is always litter to be found. He is always keen to learn how we can do better and we have even discussed why we use cruelty free products and use bamboo toothbrushes.

Let me know if you get some litter pickers and let me see some photos of you helping your community. Just remember to keep safe and be careful. Tag me on instagram @jenjensdesignsuk


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